Oil mists are generated when machining mechanical parts using whole oil as the cooling fluid.

Depending on the cutting speed and the quantity of material removed (finishing or trimming), fumes may also be released.

These mists can quickly pollute the ambient air in the workshop, not only hindering employees but creating a hazard for their health and safety.

Individually, centrally and duct-installed ELBARON® electrostatic filters and, under certain circumstances, MEBARON® mechanical air filters, can eliminate these pollutants.

However, it is important not to confuse the solid-phase (aerosols and micro-particles of oil) of a mist with its gaseous phase.

The gaseous phase can only be captured using active charcoal filters, but their prohibitive cost means that they are not an economical solution. It is therefore essential that good ventilation with fresh air is provided

Our solutions for treating oil mists and fumes:

  • ELBARON® electrostatic air purifiers

  • MEBARON® mechanical air purifiers