Emulsion mists are generated when machining mechanical parts using mixtures of oil and water or water and chemical additives, such as cooling fluids.

These mists can quickly pollute the ambient air in the workshop, not only hindering employees but creating a hazard for their health and safety.

Individually and centrally-installed mechanical air purifiers from the TEBARON®COBARON®and MEBARON® ranges and, under certain conditions, ELBARON® electrostatic filters, can remove these pollutants.

These mists pose specific problems in that they are mostly composed of aerosols and water particles. This mixture can create highly humidity levels in workshops. It is therefore essential that good ventilation with fresh air is provided

Our solutions for treating oil mists and fumes:

  • TEBARON® mechanical air purifiers (vertical suction)

  • COBARON® mechanical air purifiers (horizontal suction)

  • MEBARON® multi-use mechanical air purifier

  • ELBARON® electrostatic air purifiers