Based on the ErP 2015 and UE 327/2011 requirements concerning energy consumption and fan efficiency, all air purifiers in the ELBARON®TEBARON®COBARON® et MEBARON®répondent désormais à ranges meet these requirements.

Compliant with 2013 and 2015 regulations, most of our motorised fans are equipped with motors using EC technology*.

The new three-phase EC motors have considerable advantages over conventional AC motors and provide energy savings of up to 57%.

Main advantages:

  • Low energy consumption and operating costs
  • Improved robustness and reliability
  • Lower noise levels compared to AC motors
  • Continuous speed regulation (as standard or optional)

Electronic fan speed regulation, a real asset!
Using very compact integrated speed regulators (optionally separate), the suction power of the filter can be adjusted in a linear fashion.

Our motors therefore only consume the energy required for the suction power needed to capture and remove pollutants generated in the machine enclosure.

*What is Electronic Commutation (EC = Electronic Commutation)?
The motors used in our EC motorised plans are simple low-friction DC motors. Unlike conventional motors (AC), in which the alternating current in the stator induces the magnetic field in the rotor, DC motors use permanent magnets for this purpose. The electric current in the stator is therefore only used to generate rotational torque and not to induce secondary magnetic fields. This operating principle minimises losses, making EC motors more efficient than AC motors.