The results of over 40 years of experience and benefiting from the technological changes in filter materials, MEBARON® multi-use air purifiers are now a real alternative to ELBARON® electrostatic air purifiers. When the authorities require strict HEPA filtering and when users have special requirements.

These units provide a high degree of flexibility whether using whole oil or emulsion cutting fluids. This capability is of great interest to manufacturers of machines which can work with both types of cutting fluid.

Versions providing vertical or lateral suction are both easy to install and ergonomic and can be fitted to almost all machines on the market.

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Moteur EC (Electric Commutated)

  • Low energy consumption
  • High performance levels
  • Improved robustness and reliability
  • Lower noise levels compared to AC motors

Combination of high-performance pre-filtering in 3 stages

  • Excellent protection of the final filter (HEPA H13 or VARI filter) guaranteeing an extended life span.
  • Degree of filtration up to 99.95% (HEPA)
  • Use of innovative materials

Electronic suction power management (option)

Guaranteed nominal suction flow rate after clogging of filters despite the increase in differential pressure = longer interval between the maintenance periods