Our technical advisors in the "AIR" department provide you with solutions to treat your air pollution problems in your work environment generated by your activities, whether industrial or craft, and thus guarantee you clean workplaces and healthy!

The long experience of our employees combined with the wide range of products at their disposal allows them to submit systems adapted to your applications, both technically and economically.

  1. Analysis of the problem

  2. Elaboration of the technical solution (s)

  3. Precise and complete encryption without commitment on your part

  4. Realization of your turnkey projects

The specialists of the "FLUIDS" department propose to optimize and rationalize the management and filtration of your cutting oils. As the exclusive representative for Switzerland of COMAT products and more particularly of their adjuvant superfiltration systems whose performances are incomparable, we analyze with you the possibilities available to you for:

  • Reduce the cost of replacing and treating waste oils

  • Guarantee high and consistent machining quality and finished products

  • Protect machinery and tools against premature degradation

  • Revalorate chips and removed materials

  • Optimize the use of the surfaces of your workshops (centralized systems)

  • Contribute to safeguarding the environment by reducing waste

Our team of technicians from the "SERVICES" department develops and realizes the most appropriate implementation solutions. They also ensure optimal operation of your electrostatic air purifiers through maintenance services tailored to your needs and your productivity.

  • Know how to gain efficiency and simplicity for the integration and assembly of our systems by trusting our locksmiths who develop with you their integration and then realize a turnkey assembly: Ergonomics and performance guaranteed! *

  • Opt for our "complete service" by delegating to our specialists the periodic maintenance of your electrostatic air purifiers. Possible curative interventions are part of these services: The "full service" is 100% guarantee! *

  • Our wide stock of spare parts and spare filters, managed by our administrative team, ensure in most cases, a supply and delivery within 24 hours: Reactivity, productivity

* Services available only in Switzerland